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How can I investigate the physical structure of a database?

The JDBC view of a database internal structure can be seen in the image below.
* Several database objects (tables, views, procedures etc.) are contained within a Schema.
* Several schema (user namespaces) are contained within a catalog.
* Several catalogs (database partitions; databases) are contained within a DB server (such as Oracle,
The DatabaseMetaData interface has methods for discovering all the Catalogs, Schemas, Tables and Stored Procedures in the database server. The methods are pretty intuitive, returning a ResultSet with a single String column; use them as indicated in the code below:
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
{ // Load the database driver -
in this case, we
// use the Jdbc/Odbc bridge driver.
// Open a connection to the database
Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("[jdbcURL]",
"[login]", "[passwd]");
// Get DatabaseMetaData
DatabaseMetaData dbmd = conn.getMetaData();
// Get all Catalogs
System.out.println("\nCatalogs are called '" + dbmd.getCatalogTerm()
+ "' in this RDBMS.");
processResultSet(dbmd.getCatalogTerm(), dbmd.getCatalogs());
// Get all Schemas
System.out.println("\nSchemas are called '" + dbmd.getSchemaTerm()
+ "' in this RDBMS.");
processResultSet(dbmd.getSchemaTerm(), dbmd.getSchemas());
// Get all Table-like types
System.out.println("\nAll table types supported in this RDBMS:");
processResultSet("Table type", dbmd.getTableTypes());
// Close the Connection
public static void processResultSet(String preamble, ResultSet rs)
throws SQLException
{ // Printout table data
{ // Printout
System.out.println(preamble + ": " + rs.getString(1));
// Close database resources
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